Home Care Services for the Disabled

Home Care Services for the Disabled

(Providing special care for your special needs)

We are aware that taking care of individuals with special needs and disabilities can have its challenges but we are here to assist you with addition support and compassionate care for your loves. Our in home care services provide individuals with disabilities and their families with the extra helping hand they often need to cope with the tasks of daily life.

Special needs Services:

We can assist with daily activities such as bathing, personal hygiene, toileting, meal preparation feeding and travel to and from adult day care or educational programs. All of our caregiver that will be working with the special needs persons will receive training in Personal care, Medication Side effects, How to Recognize a Seizure, Signs and Symptoms of Illness and Medical Emergencies, Certified in CPR/First Aide.

Learn more about our Campion Care, Personal care Respite Care and Travel Companion programs for you special needs love ones. You make contact us at (ledhomecare.com)